Cocoa [ CIF: 6796FCFA/kg FOB: 6664FCFA/kg Buying Price Douala, (by Exporters) MIN: 5000FCFA/kg MAX: 5500FCFA/kg ] Arabica Coffee [ CIF: 3326FCFA/kg FOB: 3189FCFA/kg ] Robusta Coffee [ CIF: 2578FCFA/kg FOB: 2459FCFA/kg Buying Price Moungo MIN: 1500FCFA/kg MAX: 1750FCFA/kg ]

Maroua hosted the launch of the 2022/2023 Coffee season.

The city of Maroua hosted the official launch ceremony of the 2022/2023 Coffee season which was presided over by The Minister of Trade - M. Luc Magloire Atangana Mbarga accompanied by the Minister of Agriculture and Rural Development - M. Gabriel Mbairobe.

The choice of venue was intentional as Maroua happens to be the gateway to the North and Extreme North Regions of Cameroon. Not only is Maroua the capital of the Extreme North Region, but her proximity to Tchad, Nigeria and The Central African Republic made it the perfect location for this season launch.

This season's theme - "Let us Consume what we produce" sets out to push all stakeholders to develop strategies and implement actions to make this theme a reality.

All stakeholders attended the event to kickstart the new season and we are poised to see how Cameroon coffee performs this season.

We are also poised to give all the necessary assistance to make our theme a reality.