Cocoa [ CIF: 6225FCFA/kg FOB: 6496FCFA/kg Buying Price Douala, (by Exporters) MIN: 4700FCFA/kg MAX: 5100FCFA/kg ] Arabica Coffee [ CIF: 2912FCFA/kg FOB: 2785FCFA/kg ] Robusta Coffee [ CIF: 2335FCFA/kg FOB: 2221FCFA/kg Buying Price Moungo MIN: 1450FCFA/kg MAX: 1600FCFA/kg ]

Circular Letters and Orders

Circular Letter relative to the Organisation of the 2022-2023 Cocoa Season

Circular letter No 002 to organize the 2017/2018 cocoa season

Circular letter No 0355 to organize the 2017/2018 coffee season