Cocoa [ CIF: 4054FCFA/kg FOB: 3963FCFA/kg Buying Price Douala, (by Exporters) MIN: 3200FCFA/kg MAX: 3400FCFA/kg ] Arabica Coffee [ CIF: 2578FCFA/kg FOB: 2459FCFA/kg ] Robusta Coffee [ CIF: 1902FCFA/kg FOB: 1799FCFA/kg Buying Price Moungo MIN: 1300FCFA/kg MAX: 1400FCFA/kg ]

Launching the 2023/2024 cocoa season

The Minister of Trade, Mr Luc Magloire MBARGA ATANGANA, informs the general public that there shall be the launching the 2023/2024 cocoa season on Thursday, September 7th, 2023, in Ngomedzap, in the Nyong & So'o Division. Also doubling on this same occasion shall be the handing over of a cocoa storage warehouse, which is a gift from the Government to the producers of the said locality.