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East Region: Government rewards efforts of Producers of Grade 1 Cocoa

A total of 1455 cocoa producers in the East Region of Cameroon have cashed out the sum of 133,048,760 FCFA as incentive for producing Grade I Cocoa in the 2018/19 and 2019/20 cocoa seasons. 

The distribution exercise that spanned from November 15, 2022 to November 18, 2022 held in three localities, Yokadouma, Bertoua and Mboma respectively.

Dubbed ‘Prime Paul Biya’, the incentive by President Paul Biya aims at improving the market’s perception of Cameroon cocoa, fighting against clandestine buyers and their practices, and improve the living conditions of cocoa producers. 

The distribution of Cocoa Quality Premiums for the East  Region can be detailed as follows: 

  • In the Yokadouma, 559 beneficiaries from 17 Cooperatives received a total of 54,477,280FCFA; 
  • In Bertoua, 261 beneficiaries received 15,303,360FCFA;
  • In Doume 28 beneficiaries received 4,685,440FCFA and 40 producers received 1,588,960FCFA’
  • In  Abongmbang, 10,458,160FCFA was distributed;
  • In Mboma, 38,535,840FCFA was paid out.

The distribution of the 2018/19 and 2019/20 Cocoa premium brings together all stakeholders and institutions of the cocoa sector; Ministry of Trade(MINCOMMERCE), National Cocoa and Coffee Board(NCCB), Cocoa and Coffee Sector Development Fund (CCODEF), Cocoa and Coffee Interprofessional Council (CCIC), Exporters, Producer Cooperatives and Buyers and farmers. 

The distribution exercise continues in the South Region from November 22 to 25, 2022 with Djoum, then to Ebolowa and concluding in Mbalmayo.

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Enjoy some of the images from the events Here!