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Maroua: NCCB drills Restaurant and Hotel Chefs on Coffee Brewing Methods

Thursday July 21st, the NCCB gathered chefs of Hotels, Restaurants/Cafés in the city of Maroua, not just to talk about the raving reviews Cameroon coffee gets globally, but also to explore the virtues of coffee, different brewing methods and the various coffee based beverages.

Speaking to a full- room of over 50 people comprising of mostly trainees, Mr. Michael Ndoping, General Manager of the NCCB during his opening address, started by asking how many people had a cup of coffee in the morning, a question that could only fetch him less than 10 respondents. He went further to ask how many people served coffee in their businesses to clients on a daily basis.  The response was slightly more encouraging, and about 14 hands went up. When he asked the type served to clients, they were split between instant and drip coffee (black or with milk).

The training in Maroua, was conceived to go beyond instant and drip coffee, and the Baristas of NCCB came fully prepared for the task: 

Mafor Eveline kicked off with the general information on coffee:

  • Virtues of coffee;
  • The origins and the various varieties of coffee;
  • Roasting;
  • Mixing / Packaging / Conservation;
  • Tasting

She insisted that consuming 2-3 cups of coffee a day can: 

  • Boost energy;
  • Keep the brain cells alert;
  • Help lose weight;
  • Reduce the risk of contracting Alzheimer;
  • Acts as a natural anti-inflammatory;
  • Protect the body by providing anti-oxidants.

The training continued with Kinji Pascaline taking the trainees through the various brewing methods and suitable utensils/machinery, and how to prepare and use each equipment effectively. Trainees were drilled on the various brewing methods: 

  • Extraction (espresso); 
  • Percolator; 
  • French Press; 
  • Aeropress; 
  • Clever Dripper; 
  • Bag Coffee Maker; 
  • Chemex; 
  • Moka Pot; 
  • Filter Coffee Maker

During this part, trainees asked lots of questions, with most of them centered on where to get equipment like these to impress their clients.

Djoussi Lilian, for her part, went ahead to take trainees through the different coffee based beverages: 

  • Espresso; 
  • Ristritto; 
  • Latte Art; 
  • Cappuccino; 
  • Mocha; 
  • Americano; 
  • Caramel Macchiato; 
  • Latte Macchiato; 
  • Irish Coffee; 
  • Martini Coffee;
  • Spiced Coffee (Hot & Cold). 

After going over all the innovative ways of using local ingredients and spices to create innovative tasty drinks, trainees went home with an assignment to brainstorm against Day-Two of the training. 

Day Two, will lay emphasis on cocoa based beverages and have participants split into groups, with all expected to explore their creativity and come up with their own signature drinks. These drinks are expected to be presented to the Top Management during the closing ceremony. 

At the same time, to fulfil the Government’s goal of consuming what is produced locally, a courtesy visit was made to Mr. MIDJIYAWA Bakary, Governor of the Far North Region, who expressed his appreciation and confessed being a true lover of Cameroon coffee especially during his vacation abroad where he often takes along a suitcase full of Cameroon coffee to give out to friends. 

This time, the General Manager of the NCCB offered him some locally processed coffee and took out time to explain the origin of each coffee and chocolate brand.  

Governor, MIDJIYAWA Bakary assured the NCCB delegation he would spread the word to his Senior Divisional Officers, and other officials involved in the promotion of local consumption.

Meanwhile, a similar visit was paid to the Senior Divisional Officer for Diamare – Mr. MBARGA Jean Marc Ekoa who, for his part, expressed his readiness to help NCCB make Diamare a coffee hub in Cameroon. 

The NCCB Top Management is expected to pay a courtesy visit tomorrow July 22, 2022 to the Campus of the University of Maroua, where it hopes to take advantage of its 40 000 student-capacity.

Mr. Ndoping revealed NCCB’s intension to set-up a coffee-shop on the campus, not only for students to get energy boosts, but also a place where they can read about the virtues of coffee, the characteristics of Cameroon coffee and the history and varieties of Cameroon coffee.

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