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BATCHENGA Sets World Record as Kilogramme of Cocoa Reaches 2015 FCFA.

A world record price for a kilogramme of Cocoa has been set at Bachenga in the Lekie Division of the Centre Region. This is following a group sale of cocoa organised by the National Cocoa and Coffee Board(NCCB) and supervised by H.E Luc Magloire Mbarga Atangana, Minister of Trade on Wednesday, 8 November 2023.

The group sale that brought together six Producer Cooperatives at the storage warehouse of PROCABA, had at stake 152 tonnes of cocoa, 26 tonnes as Grade 1 and 127 tonnes as Grade 2. The floor price was set at 1 960 Frs for a kilogramme.

Three buyers were in the running: ATLANTIC COCOA (AAC), TELCAR COCOA Ltd and OFI CAM. At the end of the deliberations,  ATLANTIC COCOA won with a bid of 2015 FCFA for a kilogramme of cocoa.  This meant the Cocoa farmers of Bachenga will pocket the sum of 306 280 000 FCFA.  

A very satisfactory result,  the Minister of Trade said this operation that comes in handy to revive the hopes and aspirations of farmers was thanks to the wise and forward-looking policy of the Head of State, President Paul BIYA, to liberalise the sector in 1990. 

A policy that drives towards ensuring capacity building of farmers, and mitigating operational costs so as to improve their living conditions.