Ongoing projects in Cameroon’s cocoa and Coffee sectors.



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MINRESI Sélection et Diffusion du Matériel Végétal amélioré de base en vue de l’amélioration de la productivité des Vergers Cacaoyers etCaféiers(SDMVCC). 21 August 2008 1 408 5 Select and distribute high-yield improved seedlings that are resistant to attacks and destroyers.



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MINADER Appui à la Production et à la Diffusion duMatériel Végétal Cacao etCafé(PPDMVCC) 05 August 2008 5 627 4 Double cocoa and coffee production by 2015

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Programme d’Urgence pour la Réduction des Résidus de Pesticides dans le Cacao et le Café Camerounais (PURRPCC) 29 August 2008 498 2 Control the rate of pesticide residues in commercially viable produce.

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MINCOMMERCE Project to Improve Internal Marketing of Cocoa and Coffee (A3C) 20 August 2008 2 183 6 Restore group sale and pre-control of cocoa and coffee.

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Strengthen and Modernise the Cocoa and Coffee Information  System(SIF)

14 August 2009 583 4 Provide reliable market information to all stakeholders to ease the decision making process.

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Rehabilitation Project   for Cocoa Dryers in the Southwest and Moungo(RPCD)-Cameroon October 2013 1.748 1 Ameliorate the made-in-Cameroon cocoa label in the world market by ensuring that cocoa respect market exigencies, food safety and phytosanitary norms of consumers in destination countries Read more